Ayurvedic Wellness -

Yoga classes with Melanie in Petaluma

Thursday morning yoga
via Blue Door Yoga and Wellness Center's zoom room
9:00-10:00 PST
pre-register prior to 30 minutes before class for successful log in
email pranamth@gmail.com for link to register

Sunday afternoon yoga
4:00-5:00 PST $8 per class or $20 for 4 classes
email pranamth@gmail.com with "register for yoga class" in the subject by 2:00 PM on Sundays for payment options and link

Fall Yoga Workshop
Sunday October 18th, 2020
10-12:30 PST
Fall Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop
Yoga session, ayurvedic healing from your kitchen, and wisdom from your heart
Price: $15.00
10:00-11:00 A balancing fall yoga session for body, mind and spirit
11:00-12:00 Ayurveda fall wellness daily practices and recipes for fall chai, kitcharee, and spiced nut butter snack squares.

Cost: $15 on or before October 16th


group cleanse that helps supports all the layers that make up who you are. It'll help tap into your current and past relationship with foods and reset your body and mind.

November 1st-15th 2020

More information:
Bi-annual small group cleanse program; I offer my ayurvedic guidance and my 27 years of experience in the health field, 15 of those are in ayurvedic medicine. I'll guide you through a modified pancha karma inspired home cleanse, a process that'll explore our current and past relationship with food, our habitual behaviors around food and tools to work with to overcome unhealthy patterns. This is not a fasting cleanse as in ayurveda we don't use fasting as a way to heal. We do however reduce the amount of food eaten and reduce snack intake to allow the adipose tissue to release toxins and to reset metabolism. This program will clean up your diet, it'll help you evaluate your emotional and mental processes around food, you'll journal about your current and past habitual behaviors and current and past habits of both yourself and your childhood self.

We cleanse in stages, the first stage we eliminate aggravating, inflammation, and unhealthy foods, the second stage we choose from a mono, duo, or poly diet.

First and foremost we'll have a few days of eliminating foods:
alcohol, caffeine, non prescribed drugs, sugar, white flour, dairy
This may sound unattainable for some of you, but I assure you this is a beautiful process in diving deeper into our relationship with foods. This may be a stepping stone for your long term healing and for some will be life changing.

This cleanse program will help to:
rebalance and reset your entire digestive system
reduce or eliminate cravings
release toxins from the fat layers of the body where they are stored
recharge and reset your metabolism

Please call 707-775-8543 or email pranamth@gmail.com  if you'd like  more information or any questions answered.

Upon registration you'll be given via email an overview, a cleanse document with a suggested grocery list and recipes; we'll meet for five 45-60 minute live video sessions November 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 14th; throughout the program you'll receive daily email instructions, journal prompts, recipes option, and you'll have my support along the way. If you are ready to commit to your wellness and you want to take the steps to heal the more deeper layers of your being, then sign up and you'll hear from me soon. I look forward to the journey.

Fall Group Cleanse
Virtual program
Price: $100.00