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New Moon Blessings to you.

New Moon Dates 2017:

January 27
February 26
March 27
April 26
May 25
June 23
July 23
Auguts 21
September 19
October 19
November 18
December 17

Om Chandraya Namah.
The new moon, our monthly chance to reinvent ourselves or reset things if you choose. You can set intentions, prayers, visions for the month to come with each new moon.

A ceremony can look different for each of us. Maybe you get all your crystals and gems out again as you did for the full moon and put them out in the darkness of the new moon night, or possibly you set them up inside your home in a special corner, or alter space, or other sacred space and sit with your display as you write a note, journal, visualize, pray in your way, chant Om Namah Shivayah or Om Chandraya Namah 108 times. (Using a mala bead necklace can help the counting of the chants.)

What do you want to change, shift, encourage, continue with or renew, set it in motion with your intentions and believing it is already so. Visualize, feel it, belief it, manifest it.