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Some days everything feels like an inspirational song to my heart, other days it's one moment, stronge and clear within the movement of an ordinary and sometimes chaotic day that brings me to be completely present...often its the angelic workings of one of my three children or my husband coming to me to give appreciation and love, but it's in that moment where I arrive back to the present moment and its there that my heart can be at it's most open, clear, and free and reminding me of where to return to each time I'm lost in my day.

Forever inspired by my mother, rest in peace 1/5/08
My little children, what a joy they are to observe, to live with, to love and a reminder to me to love love love and stop to love some more.
My whole family....my children, my husband and his calm demeanor, and his way of always bringing us back to the present, my pets, extended family, friends and the ways that they all move through life in their unique ways but we are all trying to do it.
Being a mother and the wonderful changes it continues to bring me to in myself, the great challenges and lessons and lurking corners it's uncovered to heal and shift, parenting has me meeting this awareness daily and then the immense joy overflowing in and out of my heart. What evolution of one- self there can be on this path of conscious parenting and parenting as a spiritual practice. Thank you children for your patience as we as parenting figure this out. Sweet little angels thank you.
Nature, you too are patient and are always waiting our arrival, our return, and thanks for your beauty...

The dance of the seasons

The dance of finding my way back to the present moment
All the powerful energy around us at all times
Yoga, of course
Ayurveda and all it's wise tools for living and finding balance within
Om Namah Shivaya