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About My Practice

I value and seek to help people reveal the healing power that rests within them —

a reservoir within that is often forgotten, buried beneath the tensions and stresses of today's lifestyle and demands.

I am grateful to offer a variety of healing modalities that exist within ayurvedic medicine. These include ayurveda consultations and treatments, nutrition, herbal medicine, life style counseling, private yoga sessions or designed sessions to take home, aromatherapy, and massage therapy. Some of my massage knowledge aside from ayurvedic treatments includes: Thai Yoga Massage, deep and soft tissue massage, essential oil therapy, marma point therapy, pranic healing, polarity therapy, pre and post-natal massage. I also offer ayurvedic bliss therapies including shirodhara (a blissful treatment with a warm steady stream of oil poured on the forehead followed by a face, neck and head massage), herbal medicine oil massage, nasya treatment, yoga therapy (specializing in yoga for your ayurvedic body-type and for seasonal wellness, yoga for digestive health, and for Sciatica). With these offerings I hope there is something for everyone to help bring you back into balance, reduce stress and discomfort, boost your health, and enhance your life.

When we are in balance, we can offer to ourselves and others our true self and follow our path to our highest potential. When we are in balance we can feel good and can comfortably live in our bodies connected, mind to body, body to soul, and radiate out through our hearts.

By working intuitively and genuinely listening to what is needed, each session or treatment becomes fine tuned and customized for each individual. In this way, healing can begin and reveal longer lasting results, discomfort can subside, and the mind and body can guide itself back into balance.


Appointments are arranged in advance, ayurvedic consultations involve filling out forms 24 or more hours before we meet.



Penngrove, CA 94951

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