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Ayurvedic Cooking, Six Tastes
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Ayurvedic Cooking, Six Tastes

The Six Tastes: part 1 CCG

In any given day we all could use a little spice, a bit of richness, a little something to enliven. In what ways do you feel a breath of fresh air, a spring to your step, a feeling as if you are dancing on the inside, maybe you are actually dancing.

Rasa is that which gives us contentment, repose, a luxurious feeling, a vacation mode moment. Rasa is also taste, the taste or essence of a substance, the mood, feeling, or energy or it.

So the rasa of spices, the experience of spices, can add some spunk to not only your food but how that food is internalized within, food adds to our mood and yes I'm talking about spices from your kitchen cabinet, they can add spunk and delicacy to your day.