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Cleanse and Reset

Fall Home Cleanse 

November 4th to November 15th, 2023


This group cleanse will support your fall and winter wellness by

offering both nourishing and purifying practices and addressing

all the layers 

that make up who you are.

It'll tap into your current and past relationship with food,

renew your body and mind, and helps you

release stress and emotions that hinder you

from being your best self.

Come find the path to your long term well self.

November 4th to November 15th, 2023

The 12 day small group cleanse will support all of your layers, digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, circulatory system and more. It’s both tangible to integrate and comprehensive in a way that allows healing during the program and onward thereafter. 


This program will:

  • Tap into and address your current and past relationship with food

  • Renew your body and mind

  • Release stress and emotions that don't serve you

  • Gently yet efficiently release toxic build up

There are 3 phases and I guide you through the journey.

Phase 1 is the removal of sweets and all top inflammatory offenders phase.

Phase 2 part 1 is the kitcharee, medicinal ghee, and deeper self-care phase.

Phase 2 part 2 is a day of a deeper cleanse.

Phase 3 is the reintegrate post-cleanse phase.


In short--a prep phase, a deep cleanse phase and a rejuvenating phase.

This fall program is 12 days and allows for an amount of time that can help to

build energy and sustenance for the winter to come.


What does this program include:

  • 2 private one on one sessions one before and one at the end of the cleanse to move you forward (video session or in person) with session notes to guide you. This is to fine tune the program for your unique body constitution.

  • 3 optional group videos one before each phase

  • Daily support via email and short videos

  • Additional Ayurveda Information

  • Pertinent Information about Your Body's Functions

  • Fall food guidance, including recipes, spice and herb guidance, ghee cleanse guidance and daily self-care practice support for a supreme wholistic cleanse approach

Regular Price: $365

Save and pay on or before October 4th: $285

Reduced price pay on or before October 14th: $300


What is Pancha Karma?

Pancha Karma is a five cleanse process of clearing toxins from all the systems of your body. It is a treatment of ancient ayurveda medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Traditionally it uses 5 specific cleanse therapies. In modern times and in the west we utilize 4 of these 5, Of  these powerful actions, they are modified as needed to fit every home cleanser. I take into heart what is needed to create a home cleanse for you, and meet you where you are.

How can this home pancha karma cleanse help you?

It can:

  • Balances the doshas (dosha means your constitutional make up)

  • Adjust your relationship with food

  • Heal and reset your digestive system

  • Increase your digestive abilities

  • Enhance immunity

  • Reduce stress

  • Balance your mind

  • Calm your mind

  • Balance your emotional state

  • Balance your nervous system

  • Increase mental stamina by boosting your Ojas

  • Increase focus

  • Increase energy

  • Reduce or eliminate cravings

  • Reduce excess weight

  • Release toxins from the adipose tissues where they hide and are stored

  • Reset and increase your metabolism with long term results

  • Encourage wellness for your whole self physical, emotional, mental, spiritual        

How do we do this?

  • Clean up the diet for 21 days and make seasonally sound food choices

  • Eat kitcharee for a portion of the time

  • Intake medicinal amounts of ghee

  • Incorporate certain daily activities

  • Practice short daily yoga stretching and breathing sequences

  • Incorporate short daily exercise sessions

  • Apply mindful eating practices

  • Explore journal inquiries

  •  Attend virtual meetings

  • daily garshana—dry skin brushing

  • daily abhyanga--Self-massage

  • daily Fomentation/swedana-- steam therapy

  • and more

Through the above we will travel on this home modified pancha karma path together.

The program is as effective as you want it to be.

You can take it as modified as you need or as deep as you can go.

The commitment is what matters. Optional add ons are basti/enema therapy, nasya/oiling of sinuses therapy, a couple other add ons that we can discuss after registering.

Do you have a desire to reset your digestive system?

Do you want to cleanse the toxic build up that our modern world subjects us to?

Do you want to balance your interior to build a more sustainable self to handle life's demands?

Did you know that revealing the path to your most vibrant self is within your reach?

A successful guided home cleanse awaits you...


In this bi-annual small group cleanse I offer my 30 years of experience in the health field. I work from this experience and intuitively. Here are some credentials:

  • California College of Ayurveda (CCA) Supervisor to Intern Practitioners, 2022 to present

  • CCA Digestive and Pancha Karma Instructor, 2022 to present

  • CCA, Graduated from the Doctor of Ayurveda Program, 2021

  • Bhakti Nova School of Yoga, Completed the 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2021

  • CCA, Graduated from the Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, 2007

  • CCA, Graduated from the Pancha Karma Specialist, 2007

  • Kofi Busia, Yoga Teacher Training, 2006

  • Shiva Rae Rasa Vinyasa Teacher Training, 2006

  • Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapy Program, 2004

  • Alive and Well Massage Therapy Workshops, 2003

  • Santa Monica School Of Massage, 2002

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2002

  • Certified Massage Therapy Program 2001

  • Aromatherpay Training 2001

  • Multiple other trainings and certifications

  • 30 years of experience in the healing arts including nutrition and herbal medicine

  • 15 of those are in ayurvedic medicine

  • Herbalist

  • Aromatherapist

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

  • Member of National Ayurveda Practitioners Association

  • Member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners


I'll guide you through this gentle yet effective home cleanse.

People feel that this cleanse offered them more then they expected. Most people experience a sense of calm, cravings gone, weight loss, emotional healing, better food and meal habits, and a renewed relationship with self care and with themselves in general.


This is not a western fasting cleanse or a fad diet. In ayurveda we don't usually use fasting as a way to heal. We do however shift eating habits, eliminate certain foods, and add in other practices to support this wholistic cleanse experience. You'll learn more once you register.


If the elimination of certain foods feels unattainable for some of you, I assure you this is a beautiful process of diving deeper into your relationship with food. This may be the stepping stone you need to head toward long term healing and it could be life changing.


Please call 707-775-8543 or email 

if you'd like more information or to have any questions answered.

Within 48 hours after registration you'll be sent via email an overview with a Pancha Karma cleanse outline, a suggested grocery list, and recipes. 

Throughout the program you'll receive daily email instructions sometimes with short video, recipe options, and helpful tips. During just the second phase you'll receive daily journal prompts. You will also receive short yoga, breathing, and gentle exercise videos.

You'll have my support along the way. If you need more information or assistance, I will be easily accessible and available for you during this cleanse.

Are you ready to commit to your wellness?

Are you ready to eliminate unhealthy habits or at least begin better ones? 

Do you want to heal the deeper layers of your body?

Then sign up for this small group cleanse.


~I meet patients where they are, and we journey from there.

I look forward to meeting you on this adventure.~



2 Ways to register:

1. Email to save your space, you will need to pay a deposit of $100, the rest will be due in full upon an arranged date with me.

2. You can register by paying below and pay in full. There is a discount for registering ahead of time. See above price information.

Regular Price: $365

Save and pay on or before October 4th: $285

Reduced price pay on or before October 14th: $300


Ways to Pay:

1. Send a check to PO Box 597, Penngrove, CA 94951

2. Venmo @Melanie-MacDonald-9

3. PayPal

4. Sign up below


You can reach out to me at

with "register" in the subject line to alert me of your payment or to inquire about any questions that you may have. 

Or you can wait to receive communication from me.

Home Cleanse Testimonials:

"Thank you so much for everything, Melanie. This has been a powerful journey it's hard to believe in such a short time, and I am deeply grateful to you and to the wisdom and knowledge and compassion you brought to us all." Claire

"Melanie MacDonald is a gifted and competent healer who bases her therapeutic guidance on deep knowledge, deep listening, and loving kindness." Julia

More to be posted.

Other testimonials are located on the testimonial page.


Fall home cleanse

November 4th to November 15th, 2023

$285 until October 4th

Fall home cleanse

November 4th to November 15th, 2023

Save your spot with a deposit, pay in full by November 1st. Subject to full price but your spot is saved and you can pay less now.

Fall home cleanse

Full price after October 14th to be paid by November 1st

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