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Women are lunar beings. The phases of the moon are related to the cycles of the moon and the cycles of the moon created the ancient lunar calendar.

Women possess the qualities of the moon and her phases, and can find themselves able to flow, respond and observe, wax and wane, let go and recharge and inhabit these opposite qualities. Women can often find themselves feeling decisive one day, indecisive the next, talkative, then reserved, outgoing, then quiet but getting to know what center a women's body is in she then can flow with the cycles of the moon and each day as her self changes through the month.

Women have eleven moon centers of which they shift in and out of every two days. Men have one moon center, at the base of their chin relating to their nervous system. They have their own masculine self and a balance of both masculine and feminine energies. Women however have eleven moon centers wow no wonder you might say, and are naturally more intuitive and sensitive as their nervous system can handle their connection and fluctuations they experience due to our changing and wave like selves. Women are one with the moon cycles and by mapping and getting to know which moon center we are in we can better understand and flow through our days. I found that this link below described the eleven moon centers so great. Check it out.....

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