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New Moon Blessings to you.

October 6th is the next new moon. New moons astrologically speaking set the themes for the coming moon cycle. This new moon will be in Libra. A sign that is energetic, social, and laidback. New moons are the low energetic point marking closures and renewals, and this builds toward the full moon which is the high energetic point marking the outward expression. The new moon is a time to write down your intentions and manifestations and visualize what you want to achieve, and visualize it as already true. Libra is typically a sign that influences balance and peace and so this new moon can mark a reset, to address and get clarity on how to move forward. To come inward in oneself for reflection and gathering of what you want to address and change. This new moon can a catalyst to set healthier habits and paths for yourself.

Remaining New Moons of 2021:

October 6th

November 4th

December 7th

Om Chandraya Namah.

The new moon, our monthly chance to reinvent ourselves or reset things. You can set intentions, prayers, visions for the month to come with each new moon.

As for our doshic balance, we have a chance to rebalance the elements and rebalance our nervous system by letting go of bad habits and beginning new ones. Ayurvedically the new moon reminds us to go inward, cultivate the parasympathetic nervous system. Nadis, energy channels like meridians exist throughout the body, there's 72,000 of them with the more well known three being Pingala, Ida and Sushumna. Pingala is the channel that goes from Ajna chakra t(the third eye in the center of the forehead) to Muladhara chakra at the perineum area or the base of the spine. Ida is the channel that goes from Ajna chakra to Muladhara chakra. Sushumna is located centrally up and down the spine. Ida is yin and feminine and moon energy and pingala is yang and masculine and sun energy and the two interweave back and forth from the head to the base of the spine connecting through the other chakras along the way. The nadis are like a mala necklace and there are marma points along the way that are like pearls on that necklace.

Sit quietly, place one hand over the navel and one had over the heart. Take 10 deep breaths, even inhale to the exhale. Inhale for 6 counts, exhale for 6 counts (give or take).

A ceremony can look different for each of us. Maybe you get all your crystals and gems out again as you did for the full moon and put them out in the darkness of the new moon night, or possibly you set them up inside your home in a special corner, or alter space, or other sacred space and sit with your display as you write a note, journal, visualize, pray in your way, chant Om Namah Shivayah or Om Chandraya Namah 108 times. (Using a mala bead necklace can help the counting of the chants, or a Rosary for your prayers.)

What have you had trouble with, what is challenging you? Do you want to change or shift this challenge? To encourage, a renewal, set new visions in motion with your intentions and believing it is already so. 

Visualize, feel it, belief it, manifest it.

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