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Ayurvedic Wellness Facebook page

Hello there, thanks for coming by. I’ve been posting on my Ayurvedic Wellness facebook business page and I wanted to invite you to check it out. I think there are two out there in the ethers of the internet so check that it’s Melanie MacDonald’s. I post seasonally and in between. It can be an easier way for us to connect and for me to more immediately share Ayurveda. Just a reminder and in case you didn’t know, I do phone consultations for Ayurvedic sessions and you can email me if you’re interested. with the subject ayurvedic appointment.


As we come into fall I’ve been browsing my summer photos as a little reminiscing to close up summer. One of our trips this summer we made it to Fallen Leaf Lake. A place I’ve been wanting to go for 20 years. As beautiful and as lovely as I’d imagined. 

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