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Currently I'm taking new patients for ayurveda consultations and treatments by appointment. Appointments can be arranged for in person on Tuesdays or zoom sessions. or 707-775-8543

Ayurvedic Consultations:

nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, bliss therapies (specialized herbal oil massage, shirodhara, nasya sinus treatment, ayurvedic facials) and Panch Karma cleanse programs

Initial visit sliding scale: $235

Follow up visits (sliding scale available): $125

Massage Therapy:

Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy: $135 for 60 minutes and $165 for 90 minutes (oils of different properties antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic) are dropped along the spine carefully and diluted and specific massage and bodywork therapy is applied to create a session that relieves back pain, helps release tensions in the spine, and aids in healing misalignments)

Massage Therapy Session: $120 for 60 minutes and $150 for 90 minutes (a mixture of many therapies and styles to create a personalized session)

Ayurvedic Facials: $85

Nasya sinus treatment: $65

Champi Indian Head Massage: $65


Private and small group yoga sessions: $75

Various bodywork therapies I offer:

shirodhara, essential oils/aromatherapy, raindrop technique,

thai yoga massage, huna and polarity therapy energy work, soft and deep tissue massage, ayurvedic oil therapies, marma pressure point therapy

Meditation instruction

Pranayama specific for certain ailments

Email for more information


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