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"Melanie is a wonderful yoga teacher. In fact, she was the teacher who inspired me to become a Yoga teacher myself. She has a very warm, gentle and playful nature. She has the rare ability to "hold the space" for her students. She is always encouraging, no matter what your skill level. She is helpful and very attentive to her students. I have never left one of her classes without feeling great. I am a professional yoga teacher now, and I still take her classes! I learn so much from her and she is a great inspiration to me. I would recommend her to all level of yoga students, from beginning to advanced. Her beautiful classes are skillful, refreshing and healing. Thank you Melanie."

Audrey Collier MS SLP-CCC CYT

"Melanie is an outstanding teacher; she is much more than merely knowledgeable: you are in expert hands as she weaves together inspired yoga classes. She is known for her kind spirit and intuitive teaching ability. Melanie's ayurvedic insights have helped me. Melanie is a gifted masseuse; her table and Thai massages and use of essential oils are utterly heavenly."

Kathleen Bockhold

teacher, McNear Elementary School

"Ayurvedically speaking, it seems to me that Melanie embodies a completely tri-doshic state while giving massage- she is present and grounded, strong and intuitive, fluid and inspired. She has in-depth understanding of and experience in so many modalities beyond massage- ayurveda, yoga, meditation, chi-gung, thai massage, aromatherapy, herbs, etc etc etc- and all these modalities come together into the most integrated and profound bodywork I've ever experienced. Also, she knows so many neat and transformational tricks that other massage therapists I've worked with either don't know or are too timid to try- like putting on surgical gloves and massaging my jaw from inside my mouth, for example, something she explored in our most recent session. Because Melanie is a true healer in actual communication with my body, she gets intuitive hits and the sessions always become so much more than just a standard massage. Also, I love the little studio in her backyard where she works... it's like a warm buttery yellow cocoon scented with healing essential oils... definitely one of my happy places. Part of me kinda wants to keep quiet about Melanie's talent so she doesn't get too booked and so that she always has a space for me, but then my higher self steps in and wants to spread the word about her heavenly bodywork so that everyone can benefit!"

Alia Beeton

singer song writer, actress

"Thank you so much for everything, Melanie. This has been a powerful journey it's hard to believe in such a short time, and I am deeply grateful to you and to the wisdom and knowledge and compassion you brought to us all."


"Melanie MacDonald is a gifted and competent healer who bases her therapeutic guidance on deep knowledge, deep listening, and loving kindness."


Many thanks and gratitude for all these years of business in Petaluma and Sonoma County. I'm continually honored to be of service.

I began teaching yoga in 2000, offering a bodywork/massage therapy practice in 2000 and an ayurvedic practice in 2006.

Thank you for the continued support! 

more testimonials soon to be posted...

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