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full moon

Om Chandraya Namah

The next full moon is October 20, 3:56 PM PST,

the Hunter's Moon

The full moon astrologically speaking is a time to pause and appreciate our accomplishments, have gratitude for our relationships, have gratitude for our current life. A time to ponder our external creations and output.

Take a few moments. Sip some warm water, exhale all the way, inhale deeply...

What is abundant in your life? What can you have gratitude for?

Visualize all that is you and what interactions feed you in your life.

Write down what you'd like different if something isn't what you'd like it to be? 

On October 20 or 21st do the moon ceremony noted below, and offer your gratitudes and your desires out to your source.

The full moon scientifically speaking occurs when the sun's rays lights up the whole of the side of the moon showing us a glowing full moon in the sky. The full moon astrologically speaking represents that which we are abundant with, our fullness, our fruitfulness, that which lights us up and inspires us in our world. It is a time to notice and have gratitude for the fruits of our labor and our manifestations. 

It gives us a chance to look at what is abundant in us or in our lives and we can assess ourselves and our relationships, what we want to let go of, what doesn’t serve us anymore? Whether that is regarding thought patterns, or habits, or other emotional, mental, or spiritual attributes, or possibly it’s physical, are there items that if you gave them away you’d free up your space within and without? What do you want to let go of?

As for our doshic balance, we have a chance to balance the elements and balance our nervous system and let go of an excess intensities and heat. Ayurvedically the full moon gives us the chance to reset our nervous system by cooling off and releasing excess heat in our channels. Nadis, energy channels like meridians exist throughout the body, there's 72,000 of them with the more well known three possibly being Pingala, Ida and Sushumna. Pingala is the channel that goes from Ajna chakra t(the third eye in the center of the forehead) to Muladhara chakra at the perineum area or the base of the spine. Ida is the channel that goes from Ajna chakra to Muladhara chakra. Sushumna is located centrally up and down the spine. Ida is yin and feminine and moon energy and pingala is yang and masculine and sun energy and the two interweave back and forth from the head to the base of the spine connecting through the other chakras along the way. 

Ayurvedic healing helps to address the nature of any imbalances happening in the energetic chakra system, deficiencies or excesses. These therapies are etheric and while powerful and very valuable we often always address the root cause of imbalance which begins in our vital physical center the digestive tract, the roots of our wellness. Our wellness is of course also affected by the influences and karmic happenings in our blue print, our auric field, our personal matrix that is linked up to our cosmic matrix. But in the dimension we are living in now we can shift our path, we can create our reality, we can tap into that consciousness and help steer our path. The problem is we often unconsciously do this so bringing in time for ritual and ceremony we can stop and set our intentions and visions in motion at the full and new moons. 

Full Moon Ceremony:

Boil water, put it in a mason jar, cover with cheese cloth or clean cloth of some sort. Secure it with a rubber band or with the ring of the mason jar lid. Set outside on the evening of a full moon.

Wear white (optional of course as are each of these instructions)

Have a somewhat flat bowl with white flour in it and draw an OM sign

Any other things like white rose or other flowers, or adornments or gems and crystals that feel right to add to a little table or on the ground where you're setting your items

Visualize what is abundant in your life, honor the abundance you are grateful for and visualize or write down that which you are ready to let go of or willing to let go of, there is no right answer it’s just what feels right to you that day

Chant Om Chandraya Namah 3-108 times, outloud or inward (if you are depleted silent chanting will conserve your ojas, your reserve energy)

In the morning get the water and sip it through the day, drink in the energy of the moon.


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Happy Moon Blessings

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